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Creating Your Own Desktop Slideshow with Photos From Photos4artists

An Alternative Use for our Photos

I should point out that this works with any digital image as well as those on this website.

Without wishing to preach to those who already know I thought I'd suggest an idea that some viewers to this site might not already know. The following works with Windows 7 and may or may not work with any other form of operating system. I only use Windows 7, so can't comment on Apple or other Windows systems.

We have always been able to choose our own desktop background, whether using photos supplied with the operating system or your own photos, but now we can create a slide show. This is obviously more interesting than displaying just one permanent image. It also allows you to decide whether or not you really like a photo enough to paint it, or maybe to give you time to work out the way in which to paint it.

Step by Step . . .

Right click anywhere on your desktop and then single click on Personalize.

Click again on Desktop Background Slide Show.

You will now see the page entitled Choose your desktop background.

In the drop down box next to Picture Locations you will find a variety of places from which you can choose your images. If you want to use images from Photos4artists you might find it easier to create a new folder entitled something like Desktop Background Images and save that in Libraries>Pictures>Pictures Library. Doing this just makes it easier to find your saved images. Though obviously you can save your chosen images anywhere you like.

The next step would be to download and save the photos you wish to use on your desktop slideshow into your chosen folder.

You can then use the Browse... button to select that folder and either Select All or choose only certain photos.

Choose your photo display preference, eg fill or stretch etc and choose the time you wish each image to appear for and then save the changes.

You will now have a slide show of images on your desktop. You can change the photos whenever you like or the length of time they are displayed for.

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